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Location: Agriturismo Mezzano

Address: Agriturismo Mezzano in Chianti, Via di Mezzano, Strada In Chianti, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

Contact: Kurt

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Sacred Soul Sanctuary Retreat – 6 day Florence, Italy

With Michael Heemskerk and Carolina Dorell

May 11 - 16, 2025

Join us at the Sacred Soul Sanctuary Retreat, nestled amidst serene natural surroundings. This transformative retreat is designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth.
What to Expect:
Daily Meditation and Yoga: Begin each day with gentle yoga and meditation sessions. Connect with your inner self, release tension, and cultivate mindfulness.
Healing Workshops: Our experienced facilitators will lead workshops on energy healing, chakra balancing, and spiritual practices. Learn techniques to cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit.
All Love Sekhem Meditation
The purpose of ALL LOVE is very simple, to connect you with “the source”. When this
happens, your whole energy system is filled with the LOVE energy and you connect
with the ALL, or the Universe, as some people call it.
When it happens, it is usually a life-changing event. You realise who you really are.
You realise what your real purpose in life is. You understand your “place” in the
The purpose of ALL LOVE is to “remind” us of the main purpose of our existence on
this planet. We are here to create a perfect union between the earthly and the spiritual
through the energy of unconditional love. We are also here to remember the union that
we have with every living being in the Universe.
All this sounds very “metaphysical” until you experience it through an ALL LOVE
initiation. This is the moment when it ceases to be “just a concept” and becomes a real physical reality and not a meta-physical one.
Nature Immersion: Explore the lush forest trails, listen to birdsong, and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Nature is a powerful healer, and our retreat offers ample opportunities for grounding and connection.
Holistic Therapies: Experience soothing massages, sound healing, and aromatherapy. These therapies promote relaxation, balance, and alignment of mind, body, and spirit.
Community Circle: Gather around in the evenings for heart-centered conversations. Share your experiences, insights, and intentions with fellow seekers.
Nutritious Meals: Nourish your body with wholesome, plant-based meals prepared with love. Food is an essential part of our healing journey.
Personal Reflection Time: Take moments of solitude to journal, reflect, and integrate your experiences. The retreat environment encourages introspection and clarity.
Your Guides:
Our team of compassionate guides and healers are committed to supporting your spiritual journey. They hold space for your transformation, offering wisdom, empathy, and personalized guidance.
The retreat includes:
Transfers from Florence airport at 3pm 
daily deep connecting meditations, 
daily Yoga class, 
Sound healing, 
3 delicious vegetarian meals per day
1 excursion to Florence and the leaning tower of Pisa
1 afternoon cooking class for Italian meals
Not included:
  • Flights to and from Florence, Italy
  • plant medicine ceremony
  • Credit card fees
  • Bank Transfer fees

Deposit will be fully refunded if cancellation is made up to 1 month before arrival.



  • What to bring

    • Passport
    • Light Clothing for warm/hot weather.
    • Bathing suits
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug repellent
    • Hair dryer 120 volts
    • Sandals for  pool and walking shoes for hikes.


Michael Heemskerk
In the world of spirituality and energetic healing, Michael Heemskerk Sekhem has made his mark as a true visionary. His dedication to discovering and sharing deep spiritual wisdom has made him recognized as an influential figure in this community. Let’s take a look at the life and work of Michael Heemskerk Sekhem and the impact he has had on people around the world. Michael Heemskerk Sekhem was born with an intrinsic curiosity about the mystery of life and the connection between body, mind and spirit. Driven by his passion, he began his journey into the world of alternative medicine and…
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Carolina Dorell
Carolina is a curious, compassionate and enthusiastic being, born in Argentina and settled in Amsterdam since 2015. A lifelong learning yogi who loves to offer in her classes an inner journey towards self-awareness and authenticity. Back in 2008, she started her body-mind journey. She was studying contemporary dance and the practice of yoga & somatic techniques helped her realize the importance of balancing body & mind and how this fundamental interaction plays a vital role in the way we experience life. Yin yoga was for her an eye opener. A gate to stillness, inner observation and rest that helped her…
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