Sonja Engelhardt

Sonja is a certified Yoga teacher since 2018 and moreover a lover of life!

She did her teacher training in Bali with a focus on Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti Yoga is the Yoga of devotion. She is very dedicated and devoted to her practice. She teaches Yin, Vinyasa, meditation and Hatha.

She chooses to always be a student of what she loves, and to give as a teacher what she receives from others.

Her classes are starting with a little meditation, followed by a warm up, some sun salutations and creative flows. She tries to always change things up and stays curious and playful. Her classes are very much about feeling your feelings and getting out of your head and into your body. In Shavasana you get a little shoulder assist and head massage.

For Sonja Yoga and meditation is the art of waking up. It’s reminds her that everything is connected. She wants to help others to live, breath and move with awareness.

Sonja choose to enjoy the journey of life – join her!

Events with Sonja Engelhardt

Pura Vida Yoga Retreat
November 28, 2020

One week to deeply relax, surrender, tuning in and give back to yourself! 🙏✨ Are you looking for a little getaway to fill up your cup in beautiful surroundings waking up to the sounds of the nature doing Yoga every day? If that sounds like a dream to you share this beautiful retreat with us in the most magical place on this earth – Costa Rica! I have been travelling to find the most perfect spot to host my own retreat and as soon as I arrived to El Sabanero I knew that I found it! There are two stunning…