Carolina Dorell

Carolina is a curious, compassionate and enthusiastic being, born in Argentina and settled in Amsterdam since 2015. A lifelong learning yogi who loves to offer in her classes an inner journey towards self-awareness and authenticity.

Back in 2008, she started her body-mind journey. She was studying contemporary dance and the practice of yoga & somatic techniques helped her realize the importance of balancing body & mind and how this fundamental interaction plays a vital role in the way we experience life.

Yin yoga was for her an eye opener. A gate to stillness, inner observation and rest that helped her balance the yang energy of her life.

In 2019, Carolina experienced her first sound bath and that was a life changer. It was a meaningful experience that inspired her to follow the studies of Tibetan sound healing. Ever since she has been depending on them combining chakra theory, sound meditation and yoga.

In her classes she shares her passion for sound and movement inviting you to

practice in a way that suits your body and the moment you are living.

Since sound has a powerful way to make us connect and root ourselves in the present moment- In her classes she uses ancient instruments to help harmonize mind & body. The sound waves produced by the handpan, chimes, healing & singing bowls invites you to release and go within creating a profound meditative experience.

She offers a moment to connect, accept and transform. Exploring stillness and movement, silence and sound. Encouraging and supporting a moment for deepening awareness.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

Events with Carolina Dorell

1 week Energetic Healing with Yoga, sound healing and deep meditation in Italy with El Sabanero
May 8 - 15, 2024

Revitalize and harmonize your mind, body, and soul in Florence, Italy. Enjoy the warm spring weather and the beautiful views of the valley. The spectacular pool is at the perfect temperature all year long and the restaurant serves some of the best food including local and international vegetarian dishes. Relax by the pool, explore the surroundings or visit with us the leaning tower of Pisa . The retreat is very much for relaxing and looking after mind and body and making friends with like minded people. Yoga starts at 7:30 in the morning followed by breakfast and deep meditation.  …